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Welcome to My Page Creator. We’re going to cover the basics and give you an overview of how to use our application…

After you login you’re presented with a dashboard page. The application has 3 main parts. Dashboard, Campaign page and Account section.

The Dashboard

The User Dashboard

The dashboard provides you with a snapshot of all your campaign activity into one single feed. From this section you can access the Campaign section or account section in the navigation menu on the top right of the screen by clicking Campaign or The User icon. Also note you can create a new campaign in the top left a campaign section by clicking the NEW CAMPAIGN + link.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management SectionThe Campaign management section will list all your active campaigns. Each campaign has 5 options to manage your campaigns which allow:

  1. you to view campaign details, view incoming leads or sales data and analytic data about the campaign and it’s performance
  2. Edit campaign page information
  3. Preview your campaign
  4. Share you campaign on social media or get a direct link you can copy and paste to share in emails
  5. Delete a campaign
  6. You can also rename the campaign name to better help organize

 Creating a new campaign

To create a new campaign you simply need to click the blue button at the bottom right of the screen. This will take you to the campaign types screen

Campaign Type Selection

From here you can decide what type of campaign do you want to create. You can filter the campaign types by selecting the primary category in the blue area above the listings. You can view what page types are available by clicking the sub-category type in the white area.

It can be a bit overwhelming to know what type or page style to use. It’s best that you just start creating a page to get a feel for how to use the application. We’ve created a few more tutorials explaining the different types of campaigns you can view to better understand how to create a page.

How to create a coupon campaign for your visitors

How to create a product sales campaign

How to create a coming soon campaign

My Account Section

The account section allows you to change your profile information such as name, password, email and other account related items

My Account Section

You can also view your payment history, payment information, membership status and purchase domain names that can be linked to your website.

Payment Management section

Payment Management Section

Here you can view your subscription status and set it to automatically renew or manually renew your subscription. The Payments Section will show you what card you have on file with us and allow you to change or add a new payment method. The billing details section will show you your payment history for all transactions and the campaign packs allow you to buy more active campaigns if needed.

Registering a domain name

We wrote up a tip on how to register a custom domain name here

How to buy and register a domain name