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By default when you create a campaign we give two different URLS that you can use to share / promote your campaign. The long version looks like this: and the shorter version which is really nice to share on social media when you are limited to the amount of content you can post (twitter) that looks like this:

We’ve added a new option which allows you to find the have a custom domain name for your landing page. This gives you a great opportunity to better market and brand your landing page campaign.

Here is an example of why having a custom domain might make sense for your marketing strategy. Lets say you want to collecting leads for your home and garden ecommerce business. You write an ebook titled “15 things to keep your lawn green and healthy this summer” you setup your landing page to collect email address for each download of your ebook. Having a branded domain name like “” would be a great way to help brand and promote your offering vs sending a link that looks like this: (this isn’t bad wrong to use that link)

To your visitors what looks better if your looking at a social post:

You can see how the custom domain option has an immediate impact on improving your click through rate.

Here are some video tutorials on how you search, buy and setup a custom domain.


Finding and buying a domain

Assigning a domain to your campaign