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Here is what we’ve been working on over the past two weeks.

We’ve added 2 new templates Onix and Zumax for both product sales and affiliate marketing. You can find these by name in their corresponding sections: product sales and affiliate marketing. 

Onix Template 

Onix can be found in the product sales and affiliate marketing category. This features at label to display a discounted price. Features a video section. 

Zumax Template

Zumax template is a great long page format that allows multiply sections for a lot of product information and embedded video. Create for affiliate marketing and product sales. 

Introduction to hiding section

With some templates (onix, zumax and advent) you can hide limited sections from a page. This is helpful if you don’t need a video section or more details section. Further allowing you to customize your page as needed. You can disable sections by clicking the right slide menu and clicking the section listed to hide. 

Product availability

With product sales campaigns you can now select if your product is available or not. When you de-select that your product is available your campaign page will still show the buy now button, but instead of the payment form they will be prompted with a notice that your product isn’t available and they can leave their email address when the product is available.

This is a nice feature to get important market research before you spend money on inventory. You can gage interest levels and conversion rates using this technique.